Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Canal~ side wedding

Spent part of the Easter Bank holiday weekend photographing this beautiful wedding.  The intimate ceremony was at The Forum in Towcester. With photographs by the watermeadows and group shots on the mound the sunshine was shining for us!
The wedding party then moved to the pretty little village of Stoke Bruerne and the Boat Inn where a fantastic wedding breakfast was served.
After speeches and cake the party made their way out to the canal side where two trips on the Indian Chief canal boat had been arranged.  A short trip down to Blisworth tunnel mouth and back with a glass of champagne in hand was a lovely way to finish the day.  Congratulations to my lovely couple

Friday, 1 February 2019

Tips for Photographing in the snow with a Phone!

WE HAVE SNOW..... not a lot and it may be all gone in flash, but whilst its here I for one have to get out and capture it!

So here's some tips on getting the best out of your photographs on your mobile phone.

1. How to photograph white snow (not grey!)
Our phones camera just can't cope with the bright white snow so it tries to dampen it down and turns it grey.  Two tips on capturing white snow are:
a. Tap any dark area on the screen, this will adjust the exposure of the photograph and make everything brighter (including the snow!)
b. Tap the screen to bring up the brightness adjustment and move the dial higher to make it brighter, slide your finger up to brighten.

2. Use a flash to capture snowflakes
We know that using your phone’s flash often results in over exposed subjects, but here it’s perfect. When it’s snowing heavily just active the flash, shoot and you’ll see snowflakes you didn’t even know existed.  The light will bounce off of the water within the flakes

3. Convert to black and white
If all else fails, Snow is white and black is black. Boost your contrast with an enhance feature, most mobile phones will have filters which can help you to make it black and white. The outcome is quite cool.

Both of these pictures are taken with my Google Pixel 2 Mobile phone and adjusted in the Google photos app!

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Spring Photoshoots available

A very belated 'Happy New Year' !

As we welcome 2019 and turn to plans for the year ahead some of you may want to book a family shoot? I currently have availability for some weekends at the end of April and June (sadly May is a busy time)  Please feel free to get in touch with some dates you have in mind and I will do all I can to spend some time with your lovely family capturing some great shots

All the information you should need is here but let me know if you have any other questions

Click here to get in touch

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Oooohhhhhh you got Engaged!!

OOhhhhhhhh  you got engaged!!! Congratulations how exciting!

After the initial excitement in telling everyone, the daunting (yet exhilarating) task of what is to do next appears into your heads, I remember it well!

Here's a handy little blog I found to get you started on the right track.

On the right of this website is a list of some fantastic wedding locations ~ plus the photographs I have taken to give you some ideas 👉.

Alternatively you can search by either the Engagement or Wedding links to view my photographs/blogs.  Each wedding blog starts with a full list of all the suppliers I have worked with in the past.... this may give you ideas of they type of thing you would like

So once you have your head straight, your Pinterest board started and your lists made, let me know if you would like a quote to see if I can help?!

Monday, 17 December 2018

~ Christmas Photography using your phone ~

At this time of year we all get together with family and friends and want to capture those fun, special moments together!

This is generally with a phone camera! the principles are the same as any camera, its all about light, and composition that can really help your photography.

Here are three tips that may help you out

Photos which are too light or too dark!!!

Understanding that your phone camera (or indeed any camera) is not as good as our eyes! Many people are frustrated that the image from our phones does not look like what we can see.  Any camera has a basic problem, they can only expose for one thing within a photograph.  This is even trickier in the winter when we have little daylight and spend most of it indoors with varying lighting.

Understanding how you can change the exposure within your phone camera helps!!  Most cameras (I can vouch for iPhone, Huawei, Google pixel, Samsung and Motorola's) allow you to touch the screen and adjust the exposure (i.e. how light or dark something is)  this helps when you are a taking a shot of a scene with very light and very dark areas.

Luckily its as easy as touching the screen on your phone!!!

For example here is my TV and TV cabinet.  My TV is very bright, my cabinet is in the dark with little light.

If I tap the phone screen (a circle generally appears) the phone will expose to the place you have tapped).  If I tap on the TV it will expose for the TV resulting in a VERY dark cabinet and surroundings.

Alternatively if I tap on the cabinet it will overexpose the TV (make it too bright) and expose correctly the cabinet.

Finding the balance!
Tap in the middle or somewhere with a little bit of 'even' light.

Here is an example of using the exposure dial. When I tap on the screen an exposure dial will appear in the right hand side. you can then slide up (lighter) and down (darker) to decide what is best for the shot, most of the time its in the middle of the dial.


N.B. Tapping an area will also make sure that is the part the camera focuses on

Photos which are shaky or blurred 

When taking a photograph hold the camera in either landscape or portrait and use the side volume buttons to take a photograph rather than the touch screen, generally this means that both hands are on the phone and it stabilises the shot resulting in a crisper image.

DON'T use a flash!

To capture the Christmas feel...............................
Get away from the normal group shot with under-chin shadows and red eyes from the flash, try to use the ambient light. Get a few people around a group of candles on the table with the main lights turned down low, and go for a shot taken at a low angle. This will give a much softer look.

I added a phone inside the book which is reflecting light back on the face

If your phone has a HDR (High Dynamic Range) then turn this feature on! what the camera does is take 3 photos (at once) each with a differing exposure, i.e. light, dark, mid and then stacks them together giving a deeper tonal range, ideal for flash free photography

Want some more photography tips.... take a look at one of my other tutorials here

🎄🎄Happy Christmas all and have a wonderful 2019!!🎄🎄

Monday, 26 November 2018

Christmas gifts ~ Get your photos out there!

I am a massive believer in not allowing my photos to just sit on my computer/phone, never be seen apart from a random flick through.

What if you were to actually do something with them, its a instant thoughtful personalised gift for your family!  So I decided to try and inspire you all to give a gift involving your photographs....... they don't have to be the worlds best photograph in terms of light, composition etc, its more that you have taken a photograph of people, things or places you love and cherish and you look at them and smile 😀

So here is a bit of inspiration for you to try......... share the love 💖

1. Photobook or magazine
There are lots and lots of sites now offering great products in terms of books etc, I have tried most of them so here are a few you can try....

Blurb not only do books but actually do magazines.... imagine your own holiday magazine! you could create something fun!!

2. JigsawsHow about a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for the family over the festive holidays! Myphotopuzzle can create jigsaws up to 2000 pieces, or go for something simple for a little one and order 'matching pairs' game with the family on the photographs! 

 3. Collage poster

Why not create your own collage poster including lots of photographs from a holiday or family outing and create a poster print, frame it and give as a gift.  You can add text and lots of fancy borders to jazz it up!

There are many other items I have tried over the years, from designing my own calendars, mobile phone cases, creating my own family bookmarks or make a piece of pop art .  Whatever it is you create, it will be cherished and seen more than being stuck on your phone!

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Portfolio Shoot ~ Part 2

Following our 'grafitti' photoshoot we headed out for a different 'look' of photography showing silhouette only..... then to the woods