Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My Mother ~ {Mothers Day}

Its Mothers day this Sunday - Its not until I became a mother myself that I understood the 'unconditional thing', I know people always go on about it when you have children, but I now 'truly' get it!

I see my mum now in a totally different light and am now understanding how much of her life she has given up to me and my brother and how selfless and committed she has been throughout my life.  I understand the feeling of wanting to take all the anguish, pitfalls and low points of your childs life and make them better or do it for them..... This past year its been tough for us as a family and I know that my Mum would do anything to take it all away if she had extra 'magic super powers'.... sometimes I think she does however and she is a 'supermum' to me anyway.

I then wanted to find some photographs of me and my mum throughout the years and although I found some I did not find the masses that I thought I would have...... I make it my resolution this year to take the time to have some 'moments' with my mum and also make sure I hand the camera over to others so my son has more with his mummy and him too!!!!  I am not great in front of the camera I would much rather be behind it, but am thinking that my son will not care if I have not 'done my hair and make up' or notice the onset of crows feet in many years to come!! - at least I hope not! 

So I challenge you all... get your cameras out and get in the shot with your children.... they will thank you for it in the future.

My 3 generations of mums.........

My Mum and her Mum (Nanna)
Nanna and Mum

Me and my Mum
1975 Suzy at Nannas 1975

1977 Suzy 1977

1977 Suzy at Aunty Nellies 1977

209049_10150145609437362_590922361_6498283_2333429_o (1)

Me with my Son
Jack march 2009


  1. This is lovely - well done.

  2. I'm going to do the same!!! Made me realise I don't have many pictures of my mum- on her own, with me, with my children....thanks for giving me the nudge xxx


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