Thursday, 3 July 2014

{ Motocross } Engagement shoot - Graeme and Brooke Part II

This is part two of a recent engagement shoot, I have kept these separate as they were such an individual shoot in themselves!!! never had an engagement shoot like it, it was great fun!

After the apprehension of how to best capture a motorbike, we settled down to my more natural photography of a fantastically happy couple :)

Graeme is a motocross rider and is currently competing in the British Motocross MX1 Championship.  They both wanted to incorporate the bike and kit into some of the photos as its such a big part of their lives!  I love the photos and wish this great couple all the best for the future :)

G&B Tone-0101 copy


G&B Tone-0080 copy



G&B Tone-0089 copy


G&B Tone-0104 copy


G&B Tone-0108 copy

G&B Tone-0111 copy

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