Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Corporate photography ~ Karen Kissane Coaching

Its great to help show off/sell what people do within their businesses - Corporate photography is just that.  I work with small businesses to create a portfolio of images which they can use for a variety of areas i.e. social media, websites, business cards and digital marketing.

I have a in-depth discussion with all clients prior to the photoshoot, where we use a variety of applications to work out a shot list and 'look' of the images.  We then look at the end results - where will they appear, is there any requirements of size, shape, colour or location of the images - a photography brief is created!

All this preparation ensures that capturing the photographs is efficiently planned and nothing is missed.

Its been a pleasure working with Karen Kissane Coaching to create an extensive photography portfolio which meets all her marketing requirements.

Karen also runs a Facebook group called 'The Smart Woman's Business Hub' 

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