Monday, 26 November 2018

Christmas gifts ~ Get your photos out there!

I am a massive believer in not allowing my photos to just sit on my computer/phone, never be seen apart from a random flick through.

What if you were to actually do something with them, its a instant thoughtful personalised gift for your family!  So I decided to try and inspire you all to give a gift involving your photographs....... they don't have to be the worlds best photograph in terms of light, composition etc, its more that you have taken a photograph of people, things or places you love and cherish and you look at them and smile 😀

So here is a bit of inspiration for you to try......... share the love 💖

1. Photobook or magazine
There are lots and lots of sites now offering great products in terms of books etc, I have tried most of them so here are a few you can try....

Blurb not only do books but actually do magazines.... imagine your own holiday magazine! you could create something fun!!

2. JigsawsHow about a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle for the family over the festive holidays! Myphotopuzzle can create jigsaws up to 2000 pieces, or go for something simple for a little one and order 'matching pairs' game with the family on the photographs! 

 3. Collage poster

Why not create your own collage poster including lots of photographs from a holiday or family outing and create a poster print, frame it and give as a gift.  You can add text and lots of fancy borders to jazz it up!

There are many other items I have tried over the years, from designing my own calendars, mobile phone cases, creating my own family bookmarks or make a piece of pop art .  Whatever it is you create, it will be cherished and seen more than being stuck on your phone!

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