Thursday, 10 January 2019

Oooohhhhhh you got Engaged!!

OOhhhhhhhh  you got engaged!!! Congratulations how exciting!

After the initial excitement in telling everyone, the daunting (yet exhilarating) task of what is to do next appears into your heads, I remember it well!

Here's a handy little blog I found to get you started on the right track.

On the right of this website is a list of some fantastic wedding locations ~ plus the photographs I have taken to give you some ideas 👉.

Alternatively you can search by either the Engagement or Wedding links to view my photographs/blogs.  Each wedding blog starts with a full list of all the suppliers I have worked with in the past.... this may give you ideas of they type of thing you would like

So once you have your head straight, your Pinterest board started and your lists made, let me know if you would like a quote to see if I can help?!

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