**Photography Courses**

TOWCESTER PHOTOWALK 8 week course~ £149.00

New course starts TBC
10am -12pm ~ Towcester Library 
WHO IS IT FOR? ~ If you are interested in Photography and class yourself as a Beginner/intermediate photographer who owns a Digital SLR, Bridge camera, or advanced compact camera.  No experience or knowledge required.  I want you to take control of your camera and move away from automatic modes to achieve fantastic photographs.

WHAT DO I NEED? ~ To own a Digital SLR or Bridge camera, own a computer or tablet and to have connection to the internet at home.  No software, additional equipment or fancy lenses are required.

HOW FAR DO WE WALK? ~ Each session has 60 minutes of class room based knowledge before we head out for 60 minutes and put into practice our new knowledge; we can walk up to 1 mile per session dependant on location.  Please wear suitable clothing and shoes. We will be out and about walking aside from days with inclement weather.

WHAT DO WE LEARN? ~ The course will cover the basics of the concepts of photography, using Aperture and Shutter speeds alongside ISO, plus the ‘softer’ skills of photography looking at creating and composing your photographs, lighting and personal style.  The course will also cover basic editing on both computer and tablets through to you creating a product.  Each session will be based on a core photographic subject but centred on Towcester, its history, buildings and landscapes.    It’s not just technical advice you will get with our walk, we will put the things we learn into practice, I will be on hand at all times to help you.  Its a fun, relaxed learning environment.

WHERE DO WE MEET? ~ Each session will start at the pod, within Towcester Library for up to 60 minutes tuition then out and about for 60 minutes throughout the town (aside from days with inclement weather). 

WHAT IS THE AIM OF THE COURSE? ~ The aim is for each student to print, mount and frame their favourite shot/s from the course to display at the Library*.  Each student will be confident on the operations of their cameras, be able to look artistically at a scene and judge the best way of capturing the photograph and be able to present photographs to friends and family using many various methods of display.  Have a passion for photography and continue your photographic journey.

HOW DO I PAY? ~ Payment of £149.00 for the entire 8 week (term time) course is required on or prior to the first session either in cash, bank transfer or Paypal. *additional costs maybe incurred to print, mount and frame your photography for display

WHO IS TAKING THE COURSE? ~ I am Suzanne Kentish I have enjoyed photography my whole life, but have been professional for the last 10 years,   I specialise in Portrait photography and teaching.

WHAT HAPPENS AT THE END OF THE COURSE? ~ On the final sessions you will be printing, mounting and framing our favourite prints and attend an evening presentation to our friends and family. The photography generally stays up within the library for the following 3/4 weeks for the public to view.  There will be an advanced group which starts TBC, furthering our knowledge and expanding our photographic repertoire. 

HOW DO I BOOK? ~ Simply contact me here and I'll be in touch, spaces limited to 10 people on a first come, first serve basis.

Advanced SLR Photography course ~ £125.00
Students from the beginners PHOTOWALK course can continue their learning on this advanced course.  NEW 6 week course starts TBC


SLR One to One ~ £289.00

This is covered in three x 3 hour sessions (total of 9 hours).

The course can be individually tailored to your skills, interest and ability.  If you are daunted by all the buttons, settings and functions on your Digital SLR camera and struggling to move off the 'automatic' settings, I will help you to understand the workings and controls to get the most out of your camera.

I will share my skills to teach you the basics on the concepts of photography, using Aperture and Shutter speeds alongside ISO, plus the ‘softer’ skills of photography looking at creating and composing your photographs

The course can cover:
• The 3 principles of photography aperture, shutter speed and ISO and where they are on your camera
• How to create and compose a photograph
• How to work with light and other factors that can manipulate an image
• Focusing on ‘your’ type of photography – people, places or things
• Macro photography
• Basics on what editing software is available and when to use it
• Creating prints and tips on showing off your images

A little assignment will be given at the end of the first course for you to practice what we have discussed; the results will be bought to the next session and be appraised.

You will receive a complementary quick tips guide on composition to remind you of the key concepts once you have finished the course.  Courses are on location or at your own home*

N.B a questionnaire to help identify key areas of training will be sent to you prior to the start of the first session. If you have it, please bring along your instruction manual, if you do not, then these can be downloaded from the internet. The instruction manual will simply aid the identification of some of the buttons which can vary between makes and models.

SLR 2 - 1 Sessions available, ask a friend who shares your photography interest and join us for the 3 sessions split the cost ~ £355.00

If you would like to see what other clients have achieved from their courses please click here

To book simply complete the form here and I will be in touch :)
*location must be within 15 miles of NN12 any further distance travel costs may be added

Group Mum and Baby photography - £25.00 per Mum/Baby (minimum 4 person, up to 6) 

Mutually available date and location to be arranged 
If you and a group of friends would like to learn how to capture special moments with family and friends on camera and make a 'good' photograph a 'great' photograph, then this morning 2 hour course will show you how!

I will teach you skills and share some 'tricks of the trade' that will let you make the most of your camera and turn your creativity into beautifully composed images.

No fancy equipment is necessary! A regular point and shoot camera is just fine ... or even your mobile phone! Just remember to bring it with you!

During the workshop I will be focusing on taking images of babies, and will cover the following:

• How to photograph babies, children, large family groups
• Basics on how to use your camera and which settings to use at certain times
• How to create and compose a photograph
• How to work with light
• Looking at basic editing software and ‘Apps’ for your mobile phone
• Ideas on what to do with your fantastic photographs after you have taken them

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a complementary quick tips guide to remind you of the key concepts once you have completed the course.

This course is ideal for new mums who would like to capture your children as they grow up.  The course can be adapted to include your little ones while we work ;)
Courses are on location or at your own home*

To book simply complete the form here and I will be in touch :)
*location must be within 15 miles of NN12 any further distance travel costs may be added


  1. Could you please confirm dates for the Towcester/September course? Is it weekly, fortnightly how about half term?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi the beginners group runs for 8 weeks, weekly during term time only. The advanced group runs for 6 weeks, weekly during term time only. Please contact me via website if you would like any further information or availability on the course. Happy to help, Suzanne


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