Thursday, 10 March 2016

Why 'YOU' need to be in the photographs ~ Spring Photoshoots

How many photographs have you taken of your children in the past year!!! Loads!! I hear you say, its so easy to do these days with the convenience of a phone.......

So, how many of those photographs do you appear in with your children?

Okay, I know, no-one likes their photograph being taken, you either haven't done your hair, need to loose a few pounds to get back into your skinny jeans or you got up in a rush and forgot to put on your make-up.  These excuses mean we rarely get in front of the camera to be in the shot with our children. Does this mean we will never be in any photographs again?

In years to come your children will want to show their children photographs of you with them, they will want to have them in their homes, to keep and cherish.  They will love the photographs regardless of your make up, hair etc........ because its YOU!!

Each year my family have a photoshoot (I know I am a photographer!!) but I need to be in some family photographs too!!

So, here it is.......

1. I encourage you, get in front of the camera, take selfies, get someone else to take the photo, book a photoshoot!! 

2. Print off your photographs, frame them and dot them round the house, give them to the grandparents, enjoy them xx

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