Thursday, 23 June 2016

Towcester PHOTOWALK training course

What an exciting 10 weeks it has been!!

I started running a Beginners SLR photographic course back in April.  The purpose of the course was to combine the 'Photo' element and a 'Walk' part, coming up with a classic name of ...... wait for it.... a 'PHOTOWALK' yeah! see what I did there!

Well, the idea was to make sure that what was taught in the classroom was put into practice for the students.  This ensures I am on hand to help with any queries or understanding so that the topic we are covering on any specific week is engraved onto memory.

Photo by Vivien Nunn

Each session covers the basic camera settings, plus the softer side of photography i.e. composition, working with light and editing.  Once the hour of teaching is finished we head out into Towcester and practice our days learning.  We visited a variety of locations and worked on a couple of projects to make the sessions fun.

Photo by Judith Baines

Photo by Judith Baines

Topics on our courses cover all aspects to get the students off the automatic settings and take control over the camera.  Topics include ISO, Shutter speed, Aperture, composition rules, story telling, white balance, types of lenses and editing to name a few.  Each session has its own step by step handout where you can keep notes.

Photo by Kirsten Croft

The course culminated in an exhibition at Towcester Library showing their work and other Towcester projects we had been working on throughout the course.  This is still on show until Friday 1st July if anyone would like to take a look at what we got up to.

The group bonded and friendships made, this meant that as a group we shared information, comments and understanding.  All students could freely discuss and critique work on our private group Facebook site, this ensured that learning was not just in the session but throughout the weeks.

I am immensely proud of all the students, their hard work and passion for photography means that the exhibition was a massive success.

If you would like to come and join a new beginners Towcester PHOTOWALK which starts on Thursday 8th September at 10-12am at Towcester Library, please do contact me and I can book you on.  Further details about the course are here and you can find out about all future courses on the Facebook site here.