About Me

I LOVE photography, if you ask me anything about it..... I may go on for a while!

I live in Northamptonshire and I'm a full time mum of two little cherubs {most of the time}, giving up work in 2008 decided to make more of my passion of photography.

I am on the whole 'self taught', that's not to say that I have not been on many, many photography courses, I just find getting out and seeing what I can capture more rewarding and my style of learning.

I love a good book/kindle, marshmallows and Chinese food, I have far too many shoes and not enough hours in the day to wear them!  Take a look at my photographs and see if you would like your own  family portrait session...... I believe that you can never have enough photographs of you and your family together, time passes so quickly and they change so much!

This photograph was taken by my great friend and fellow photographer Christina Savage.  I am never in any of my family photographs so I decided to book my own session.

BOOK YOURS HERE NOW, there's no time to lose!!

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