Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Make your photographs stand out - Change your viewpoint

Many a time you can dramatically alter your photo composition by changing your viewpoint. This quick tutorial into using camera angles more effectively will aid you in taking pictures you can be proud of. Below I'll show you a few simple techniques you can use to alter your camera position for a more impressive effect

Searching for an unusual angle of a usual object will always make your photograph stand out from anyone else's.

Try shooting up!  This viewpoint will create more impact than taking the usual head height stance of looking at this tree.  Try using a wide angle to capture the full canopy and stand with your camera against the bark of the tree.

Also the beauty in the sky should not be missed, great clouds make a photograph

Now the opposite

Try shooting from the ground.
Laying on the ground and having a 'worms eye' view of the world can also create an alternative viewpoint.  It also allows a greater depth of field of the flowers behind.

Try shooting from Above

This can create a great new look for portrait shots; you do have to be careful not to get your feet in the shot though!!

Get out and see what new angles and viewpoints you can find, make your photographs stand out from the crowd.

This is one of many tutorials you will learn on my beginner photography course, if you are interested in learning more please contact me here or call me on 07821974464 

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Family Photoshoot

Spent a lovely morning with these guys and their 9 month superstar!  Black and white make these photographs timeless.........