Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Photography Parlour G2G - Bristol - Part 4

Last of my photographs from the lovely get together on the 15th June with all from the Photography Parlour.  I think there is already talk of another outing soon.... I am definitely up for another photoshoot.  Its been great meeting so many like-minded people some of whom I have stayed in touch with and already been out and about..... photos to come!!  I have gone for a vintage 'feel' on this set of photographs....... enjoy!

This model is Siobhan and the China is from Vintage Tea sets, cakes from Shona at Cake Matters

Bring on the next outing!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Second in Line................

Being a 2nd Shooter at a wedding - if any photographer gets the chance to do this at times I think it is great, it generally gives you the opportunity to spend time with the Groom, Best Man and Ushers.  You get a different feel from a wedding when you are with the men.......  The ones I have been fortunate to do so far have all been great fun.  

This wedding, I was 2nd to Christina Savage who is a good friend and fellow photographer.  I have shot with Christina before and its always a great day, you get to chat to someone during the day, so for a photographer its a bonus!!

The wedding was in Badby where I met the groom at the Maltsters Inn and then onto St Mary the Virgin in the village.  It was a really hot day and we both melted a bit, especially when you are running around frantically capturing your shots!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

The Photography Parlour G2G - Bristol - Part 3

Ok so the penultimate blog from my amazing day out last week in Bristol.......

This time its the lovely, beautiful Silvi

I loved this particular shoot as it was in a disused railway on the other side of the river and was a great back drop.  Silvi made it look so easy as she seamlessly seemed to be able to pose to help create a great natural shot.

a bit of behind the scenes.... one of my fellow photographers

Monday, 21 June 2010

The Photography Parlour G2G - Bristol - Part 2

Ok, so am finishing editing the rest of the photographs from our lovely day out in Bristol.

Looking back at the day I was amazed at how even though, as a group of 30+ photographers with only 6 models and roughly the same locations we all managed to come up with very different photographs.  This is what I see as the main importance of knowing who you are as a photographer and being able to create your own personality in your images. Take a look for yourself most photographers from the day have posted on this site 

Here is my second helping from the day, its with model Nathalie

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Photography Parlour G2G - Bristol - Part 1

Had an amazing day on Tuesday in Bristol with 20+ other photographers.  The day was organised by Rosie Parsons of the Photography parlour .  It was a hot sunny day where we all had the chance to photograph and direct models, some in vintage dress and some in wedding outfits.

A big thanks to all those who supplied and made up the models
Venue The Harmony II
China and table styling
Catering was from McBaile
Cakes: Sheona's of Cake Matters 

Lilly MUA
Heather Talbot
Cat Parnell (also did hair)
Sara Friar



This is the first post of 3 - our groups first model was Janka

I learnt so much and it was great to be able to take time to think through a photograph and speak to other like minded people.

It was a real fun day where I got to meet all the lovely people I speak too on the photography parlour forum......

Camera courtesy of Kirsten Mavric

Camera courtesy of Kirsten Mavric

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Mellow Yellow...................

I am no good in front of the camera...... but decided to bite the bullet and get some family shots whilst the sun was shining and the fields of rapeseed were golden.  I shot a few then passed the camera to the husband, set up the correct settings, told him how to compose and which button to press to capture, even dusted off my Grandad's classic vintage 'Slik' tripod!!!  Struggled with the yellow cast that ends up on faces but that's what you get when stood in a field of yellow!!!!