Thursday, 28 June 2012


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Something a little different for myself and fellow photographers Christina Savage and Sarah Gardner.

We planned a themed photo shoot back in May.


The aim of our themed photoshoot, was to see how planning, and photographing together would work in practice.  

In the very near future we are pleased to be able to offer our own { creative photography workshops }

These workshops will offer delegates a chance to learn and practice, technical and creative techniques to enhance their existing photographic knowledge.  

Watch this space for our exciting new joint venture!  If you would like to be kept up to date or are interested in our workshops please leave your details here.


The photo shoot was designed around two different themes, Lace and Jubilee.  Here are our inspiration boards, Lace here and Jubilee here.

Please take a look at Sarah and Christina's photographs too!  Behind the scenes photography to come, photographed by Jenny Newman.

A huge thank you goes to our suppliers and specialists (whose details are below), we had great support and we all came away with a great day, some good experience, learnings and lots of lovely photographs.

Below are my favourite images from the day, its a different working experience when you are with fellow photographers.  To be able to take the time bouncing ideas, poses and lighting which you simply don't get when photographing a solo wedding or portrait session.  These experiences, I believe are invaluable when trying to progress your skills and style in photography ~ I came away refreshed and with many new inspirations!

my land and 3 portrait copy

my 6 portrait copy

lauren shoes

lauren lace


Jean lace

jean outside


Suzanne Kentish     
Christina Savage     
Sarah Gardner        

Behind the Scenes Photography: 
Jenny Newman       

Jean Rae                
Lauren Stanton                 
Julietta Arden-Taylor       
Calum Carlin

Rosie Orbell            
Make up:                          
Rosie Orbell           
Sian Ryan               

Florist & Lace Cakes:       
Jill Webb                

Daisy Fleming         

Jubilee Cakes:                   
Ella Toms

Pipewell Hall:                   
Trudie Baker           

IMG_4381 copy

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